Tech Support for Everyone

Tech Support for Everyone

Most IT companies put their full focus on working with other businesses. That’s fine for them, but Businets believes in using our expertise helping everyone. The majority of people believe their only options for getting personal tech support for their computers or internet is to call their cable company, visit a big box store, call a company who only works with large infrastructures, or call the closest teenager. That is just not the case if you know about Businets.


If you’re a Fredericksburg and surrounding area local, you can bring your effected device (PC or printer) to our facility off Lansdowne Road for tech support, where we have a fully equipped computer repair facility. Our “depot” rates are cheaper than our on-site rates and we have more in-house resources to help resolve your problem. Another perk, you are not paying for someone to download drivers or sit around while scanning your computers for viruses, which is what you would encounter at a big box store. We only charge for the time spent repairing your system.

In house repairs can be considerably cheaper than paying a technician to come out. This is especially true for one of the most common problems, spy-ware infections.

Can’t make it out to visit our facility? No problem! No matter the reason, the equipment is too big to move, the problem is too complicated, or if you just don’t want to deal with moving it, we will come to you. We have the right technician for any problem. Your issue will be resolved quickly and professionally by our highly skilled technicians.

Even if you are across the country, or on the other side of the globe, we can help! With remote access technology, we are able to access the equipment in question and help fix the problem.

Just like going to the dentist, doctor, or lawyer, you want a professional to work on your computer even if it’s your home computer. You wouldn’t put your social security number or banking information in the hands of a law or medical student, so why hand it over to just anyone who seems like they might know how to fix a computer?

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