What is a Server? What are they made of?

What is a Server? What are they made of?

server (n.) A computer or device on a network that manages network resources. There are many different types of servers. For example:

  1. File server: a computer and storage device dedicated to storing files. Any user on the network can store files on the server.
  2. Print server: a computer that manages one or more printers, and a network server is a computer that manages network traffic.
  3. Database server: a computer system that processes database queries.


You hear it all the time, “Our servers are down!” and this is never a good thing. These devices house information for internal computer systems, and the internet as we know it. They are a necessary hardware that provides the computing power required to run business software systems. Every time you command your computer or device to access a file, program, or webpage, you are accessing a server.

Fun Fact! The world’s biggest data center is based in Chicago, and is backed up by 53 generators. It utilizes 8.5 million gallons of cooling fluid per year. It is 1.1 million square fit in size and was converted to telecom use back in 1999.

Businets is an authorized HP solution provider. This kind of dedication to the latest and greatest technology is what makes Businets the leader in server installation in Virginia for the last 20 years. We’ve designed customized technology solutions for some of the leading institutions in the Fredericksburg area. We’re proud of the clients we’ve been privileged to serve over the years— clients like medical, government (local and state), schools, law enforcement, real estate, builders, law offices, sports complexes, government contractors, retail, food service, newspapers, politicians, insurance agencies, property managers, maintenance companies, cleaners, beverage companies, telemarketers, surveyors, engineering firms, auto dealerships, and even a giant greenhouse – just to name a few.

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