Digital Video Surveillance Systems

Monitor your business from anywhere.

Digital Video Surveillance Systems

Businets designs and installs digital video surveillance systems and access control systems that help protect your business.

Digital video surveillance systems add a layer of physical security to any business. This digital system is capable of capturing images and videos that can be compressed stored or sent over various communication networks.

In addition to that digital surveillance systems can be used in nearly any environment. These systems consist of NVRs, DVRs, Bullet Cameras, Dome Cameras, Monitors, cables and connections. These devices can be indoor or outdoor as well as IP based or HD-TVI based.

NVR Digital Surveillance Systems

A network video recorder processes data through their cameras and then stream the data to the NVR system for storage and viewing. This system has intelligent video surveillance features that help to detect motion, along with a clearer and more precise image than DVR systems are able to capture.

DVR Digital Surveillance Systems

DVR stands for digital video recorder. With this surveillance system the cameras are connected to the recorder via a coaxial cable and the data is then processed at the recorder. Because of the coaxial cable the images on a DVR system will be lower in quality than some of your other surveillance system options.

Bullet Camera Digital Surveillance System

These cameras get their name from their shape, because their cylindrical shape looks like the shell of a bullet. These cameras are good for scaring off would be intruders by being visible. Bullet cameras have an easy installation and offer a wider and longer range than dome cameras.

Dome Camera Digital Surveillance System

Like bullet cameras, dome cameras get their name from their circle dome shape. These cameras have a discreet design that can easily blend ion with the surrounding area. With the ability to be used both indoors and outdoors, this rotating camera is great from viewing wide angels.

Our team at Businets will work with you to determine which digital surveillance system is best for your company’s needs. Making sure your surveillance system is right for your building is important because what is the use of a system that only gives you limited security?

Digital Video Surveillance Systems

There are many benefits associated with digital video surveillance systems.

Compared to analog systems, digital systems are easier to install and use. They have superior quality for video and sound data, and compared to an analog signal, digital information can be transmitted faster. Moreover, the videos or images have no problems with degradation. Scalability is better for digital surveillance systems than traditional analog systems.

Digital cameras can offer wider viewing angles and high-definition clarity for the captured images or videos. Compared to its analog counterpart, digital surveillance is more cost-effective. These kinds of surveillance systems also can close the gaps in security coverage unlike analog systems with help of distributed intelligence. There is increased productivity among employees who are involved in security and monitoring due to the capabilities of digital systems.

Surveillance you can monitor from anywhere.

Video surveillance systems, electronic access systems, magnetic lock system, keypad or FOB access and Proximity sensors all add an extra layer of continuity and physical security to any business.

We design and install indoor and outdoor video surveillance systems so you can watch your assets via your computer, cell phone or laptop both while you are at the office and away.

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