Building Security

Video Surveillance, Access Control, and more!

Building Security

Businets creates building security plans that physically protect your business. We are Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS #11-15081) certified and registered to install and maintain electronic access components and systems.

Video surveillance systems, electronic access systems, magnetic lock system, keypad or FOB access and Proximity sensors all add an extra layer of continuity and physical security to any business.

Building security addresses actions you can take to protect your buildings and property.

When designing a physical security program, the three levels you need to protect are your outer perimeter, your inner perimeter, and your interior. If you can implement two or three forms of security at each level, then you will more than likely have an effective physical security system.

We can help you protect all 3.

Building Security

Digital video surveillance systems

Digital video surveillance systems add a layer of physical security to any business. A digital video surveillance system capable of capturing images and videos that can be compressed stored or sent over communication networks.

We design and install indoor and outdoor video surveillance systems so you can watch your assets via your computer, cell phone or laptop both while you are at the office and away.

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Access Control

Building access control systems allow you to limit access to your facility based on guidelines you define. Access limits can be set on who, where and when. Basically, which user has access to which doors and at what times. Most electronic access control systems offer an audit trail which shows every time the door was accessed, or access was denied, and by whom. These reports can give you detailed information about who has accessed, or tried to access, your facility and when. Building access control systems can be placed on one door or many doors over multiple facilities. 

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