Building Access

FOB's, Key Cards, and More!

Building Access

Electronic building access control is a security solution that gives you detailed control over the physical security of your business.

Building access control systems allow you to limit access to your facility based on guidelines you define. Access limits can be set on who, where and when. Basically, which user has access to which doors and at what times. Most electronic access control systems offer an audit trail which shows every time the door was accessed, or access was denied, and by whom. These reports can give you detailed information about who has accessed, or tried to access, your facility and when. Building access control systems can be placed on one door or many doors over multiple facilities. The same credentials can be used for each door or additional credentials can be required for especially sensitive areas.

Electronic access controlled systems consist of magnetic locking system, card readers, keypads or FOB, proximity and motion sensors, control panels and software and all add an extra layer of continuity and physical security to any business location. Businets is Virginia Department of Justice registered so we can legally sell, install and maintain electronic Access Systems. In addition, we can work with you or your contractors to design and install surveillance and electronic access control systems that help protect your business.

  • Electronic access control systems allow for easy deletion or reassignment of credentials.
  • Electronic access control systems are available in an array of styles and colors to match almost any décor or function from old style mortise locks to modern and weatherproof designs.
  • If a former user fails to return their credentials they can easily be deleted eliminating the cost of having a locksmith come out to change every lock key could operate.

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