Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

Cloud and Server Protection

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

Anti-virus software is critical for every PC and server.

Although we call it an anti-virus, we’re really talking about a security solution for your network. Given the sophistication of malware and its exponential increase, today you can’t afford to have just any antivirus in your company you need the best business antivirus.

Without it, you risk losing your personal, business information, your files, and even risk losing cash from your bank account. We can install and monitor Anti-Virus programs that will sweep your computer at specific times and either warm or remove threats before they exploit your data.

The rate of malware evolution now exceeds human capacity to manually detect, making analysis of the constant barrage of zero-day threats, ransomware and other previously unknown malware an increasingly difficult problem to solve. Humans need help from machines to keep up with the threat landscape—and machine learning is true workhorse for handling repetitive tasks and crunching massive amounts of information, which humans cannot perform with the same speed or accuracy.


Anti-Virus through Endpoint Security

We trust Viper because they provide powerful anti-virus in their endpoint security and are consistently delivering protection against today’s most pervasive online threats.

Anti-Virus is crucial for those engaged in e-commerce. If you are running an online business, accept online payments, or store any sensitive information online, a reliable anti-virus is a must-have.

There are two ways to protect your devices and business from all forms of malware.. The first one is to use a reliable antivirus. The second one is to cut off Internet access, unplug all the external devices, and turn off the computer. It’s up to you to decide what to choose.

Anti-Malware through Email Security

The challenges of email security are growing every day. New threats from ransomware and phishing attacks are appearing with increasing frequencey.

Sendio eliminates the threat posed by malicious email and eradicates productivity lost to an avalanche of spam.

With Sendio’s ease of deployment and use, your email security will once again be completely under your control—regardless of whether you deploy Sendio as the full solution or add our products to your existing system.

We can also implement email security solutions from Reflexion. We work together to keep your users and your business safe with instant protection from email threats and data theft. The Reflexion range of easy-to-use cloud email security services ensure you meet regulatory compliance with services covering anti-spam and virus protection, encryption, archiving, and business continuity.