Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

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Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

Anti-virus software is critical for every PC and server.

Although called anti-virus, when we are talking about this particular software we are actually referring to a solution for security throughout your network. With the sophistication of malware and its exponential increase in today’s world, you and your business can’t afford to have just any anti-virus software. Your company needs and deserves the best anti-virus software possible.

Without this software, you are risking the lose of personal information, business information, files and in extreme cases you even risk losing money from your bank account. Our team at Businets can install and monitor anti-virus programs that will sweep your computer throughout certain points of the day and either warns you of potential threats or removes the threats before they even have a chance to exploit important information.

The rate of malware evolution has far exceeded the human capacity when it comes to manually detecting and analyzing the constant stream of threats and services and programs such as ransomware for example, are making computer viruses a much more difficult problem to solve. As humans, we need help from these various machines to help keep up with the threats against your data landscape. Machine learning has become a true workhorse for handling repetitive tasks and processing a large amount of information- two things that humans are unable to perform with the same speed or accuracy as this software.


Anti-Virus through Endpoint Security

Anti-Virus through Endpoint Security is a type of software that is designed to help detect, prevent, and eliminate malware on your devices. This typically includes viruses with some softwares also being able to detect worms, trojans, and bots.

Our team at Businet’s trusts the software Viper, because it provides a powerful anti-virus throughout its endpoint security. Viper is also consistently delivering protection against even the most pervasive of online threats.

These services are extremely crucial for businesses that are engaged in e-commerce. If you are running an online business that accepts online payments or that stores any sensitive information online having a reliable anti-virus is a must.

Most endpoint antivirus solutions include the following capabilities

  1. The ability to run scans both at scheduled intervals and manually
  2. Internet safety features, including warning you when you’re about to visit a site that appears malicious and blocking automatic and malicious downloads
  3. Updates automatically to ensure that the endpoint is protected against the newest threats
  4. The ability to identify the type of malware attacking the endpoint

There are two ways to protect your devices and business from all forms of malware.. The first one is to use a reliable anti-virus with endpoint security. The second one is to cut off Internet access, unplug all the external devices, and turn off the computer. It’s up to you to decide what to choose. However at Businets, we strongly recommend protecting you and your business with a reliable anti-virus software.

Anti-Malware through Email Security

When taking a look at anti-malware through email security it is important to know that the challenges of email security are growing each and every day. New threats from ransomware and phishing attacks are appearing with increasing frequency leaving your personal and professional data at risk.

Our team at Businets uses Sendio to eliminate the threats posed by malicious emails and also works to eradicate productivity that may be lost to an avalanche of spam.

This platform allows our team to help keep your business covered and protected from email-borne viruses. Virus signatures are updated in real-time 24-hours per day for both email body and attachment, and the email pattern detection technology within Sendio’s IP Address Reputation feature stops new virus outbreaks that don’t have virus signatures in place yet.

With Sendio’s ease of deployment and use, your email security will once again be completely under your control—regardless of whether you deploy Sendio as the full solution or add our Businets team to add to your existing system.

Our team can also implement email security solutions from Reflexion. We work together to ensure that your users and your business are safe with instant protection from email threats and possible data theft. The Reflexion range of easy-to-use cloud email security services ensure you meet regulatory compliance with services covering anti-spam and virus protection, encryption, archiving, and business continuity.

Contact us today to start protecting your information along with your business’ information from any potential threats.