Secure Online Shopping

Secure Online Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday scams are rampant. Here are our top 3 tips for secure online shopping.

Secure online shopping is a rising concern, and retailers have really been going over the top with both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. These forces are working against each other causing major security risks to the uninformed shopper. No longer are the days where shoppers are waiting in line for in the cold to score the best deal at their favorite stores. Instead, shoppers are bombarded with sale emails, coupons, and are quickly sent to checkout to claim their deals before time runs out online.

As usual, while shoppers are eagerly snatching up savings online, thieves are waiting to score everything they can too.

Keep these safety tips in mind while shopping online this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


The first step in secure online shopping set yourself up with a prepaid account.

When shopping online during the holidays, or any other day, consider using a mobile payment app like Google Pay instead of your bank or credit card. This is a 

These payment types use a single-use token system that encrypts your card information. So if the retailer gets hacked, your information is safe.

Use credit, not debit.

Practice secure online shopping by using “credit”. If you absolutely have to use a personal card, always run it as credit. If an attacker is able to get access to your credit card number and pin number, they have instant and direct access to your money.

Credit cards, or running your card as a credit transaction is not linked directly to your bank account.


Only use email links from trusted retailers.

Phishing emails are a big problem on Black Friday and Cyber Monday because shoppers are in more of a hurry to buy than usual. Plus they are super excited about the deals! You can still practice secure online shopping when you receive an email from your favorite retailers.

While searching for deals in their inboxes, shoppers are falling victim to bad links. Don’t be that guy (or gal)!

Most retailers will let you apply the code from their emails directly into their websites at purchase without requiring you follow a link to receive the deal.  If something seems off, it probably is.

It’s worth the time to be extra cautious to be sure you are engaging in secure online shopping online!


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