The Importance of a Secure Building Access System

The Importance of a Secure Building Access System

Regardless of whether or not you are a small business or a huge corporation, your company needs a secure location to keep your staff and your company’s assets safe. And when it comes to having a secure building access system installed you are taking steps to do just that.

With secure building access control, you are able to effectively control the movement of people that are coming in and out of the building. You are able to set the parameters of who is allowed to access the building as well as parameters for who is allowed to enter certain rooms.

Why is Secure Building Access Important

A secure building helps to decrease the chance of any security threats. By having specific security-based procedures in place you are putting up barriers to help protect you against robbery and other threats to your business. This system also helps to protect you and your staff and comes with many other benefits too. Some of which include:

1. Industrial Safety

Using a secure building access control system can help to prevent industrial accidents from happening. If you are in an industrial setting you can use your system to help in controlling the number of people that have access to hazardous areas throughout the building.

2. Deterrence of Criminal Activity

Secure building access systems are essential when it comes to dealing with crime. As a business owner, you are faced with numerous amount of security threats. From burglary and arson all the way to vandalism, having a secure system will help to prevent all of these security challenges from occurring. An example of this is the use of CCTV surveillance cameras. These cameras are proactive in preventing crime because of the psychological intimidation they cause people.

3. Intrusion Detection and Prevention

These systems can also be a conspicuous feature in high security facilities that need to keep out intruders. Intrusion can come in many forms, and that even means employees and visitors. Sometimes employees and visitors will come in intentionally looking to gain access to unauthorized and restricted areas. On a less menacing note, a secure building access system will also help stop visitors who may have lost their way will walking through the building.

Elements of Secure Building Access Systems

When it comes to secure building access it can be broken down into three core elements. And these elements define how your system works overall too.


The main goal of your secure building access system is to prevent your building from unauthorized visitors while also working to control the movement of people already inside the building. Because of this, the system has to be able to determine the identity of individuals entering the building while also being able to determine the identity of people trying to access secure areas throughout the building.


Once the system has gone through the identification process, it will then need to make sure that the individual’s identity is authenticated. This helps to ensure that only the right people have access. Authentication can be achieved through a variety of different ways including fingerprints, passwords, smart cards, and encryption keys.


Once your secure building access system has authenticated an individual’s identity, the system can then grant them access to the building and other areas that are permitted.

Common Types of Secure Building Access Systems

When it comes to keeping your building secure there a few different avenues you can take.

CCTV Camera Systems

Video surveillance is a great security measure to have in high interest areas. They are able to give you a recorded and time stamped visual of people’s movements. These cameras offer the ability to capture high-resolution images that can be used in conjunction with specialized facial recognition software along with license plate number recognition and other security monitoring functions

Intruder Detection Systems

An intruder detection system consists of various alarms and motion detectors that will alert you when an intruder is detected. These systems can be installed both inside and outside of your building or facility to ensure that no one can gain access without your prior knowledge.

Biometric Readers

Biometric readers are ideal secure building access systems for high security buildings. These buildings require a high level of clearance and tend to house sensitive information. This system works by scanning a person’s unique features- like an iris scan, a fingerprint, or a handprint- to verify security clearance.

Gate Entry Systems

A gate entry system helps to enable you to monitor the movement of people coming in and out of your building and that are entering your property. With this system, everyone is provided with the appropriate security clearance needed as they enter the building. After you that you are then able to monitor their movements until they exit the building.

Keeping Your Building Safe and Secure

Along with the installation of a secure building access system, there are a few other things that you can do to ensure that your building and your staff are safe at all times.

One of those things is having a security conscious team. Making sure to have your entire team involved in security is vital when it comes to keeping your business safe. Your employees should be aware of the security policies that are in place. It is also important that when you hire a new employee you ensure that they are right for the company before you inform them of your security procedures. Safety isn’t just a one man job, you have to be able to trust your entire team with your security.

Another important thing to do in order to provide your business with optimum security is having IT security. All of your computers and telecommunication methods can also be susceptible to security threats so making sure they are protected is just as important as securing your physical building.

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