3 Reasons Businesses need Managed Services

3 Reasons Businesses need Managed Services

Managed services for business

Companies have become more familiar with managed services and are turning to companies like Businets for management of specific IT functions including email hosting, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, storage, backup and recovery, and network monitoring.

It is important to understand that while companies are increasingly relying on outside providers for part of their IT needs, Managed Service Providers generally complement rather than replace internal IT. Instead, especially in larger companies, bringing a Managed Service Provider on frees up existing IT staff to focus on more strategic projects.

Here are the top reasons more businesses need Managed IT services –

  1. Cost efficiency – You are not spending money to have a company fix large emergency issues, which can often be more expensive than your managed services cost. Most companies only call a managed service provider like Businets when they have a major issue, ant the costs are always much higher than they would have been if a MSP had been involved.
  1. Better performance of your IT Staff – Like we stated above, having a managed service provider removes the need for your IT team to take care of monitoring and the small day to day issues. Let your IT staff do what they came to do, make your company better. Weather its better internal applications or applications for client use, their time is much better spent building, instead of fixing.
  1. Proactive instead of Reactive work – Managed Service Providers like Businets are constantly monitoring things like server space and Virus alerts so any small issues can be remedied before they become big issues. Data breaches, Spyware viruses, and system failures are all issues that can be stopped in their tracks with active management.

Simply put, Businets keeps all your critical components—network devices, operating systems, servers, firewalls, email and even your phone systems—secure and running smoothly. Whether you want to outsource a majority of your infrastructure management, or simply optimize the systems already in place, we provide personalized IT support that saves money and manpower.

If you think your company could benefit from having a managed IT service provider, schedule an appointment with us today!