Hardware and Software for your Business

SAAS Like you've never seen

Hardware and Software

Computer hardware and software are the most easily identifiable part of your IT infrastructure and are among your most important business assets. We will design scalable LAN (local area network) and WAN (wide area network) to meet your specific current and future needs. We also help you find the right programs, firewalls, and spam filters, to run and protect your business.

You Want Reliable Hardware and SaaS

Some companies purchase hardware, software and computer systems only based on the price, but not all hardware and software is created equal.

High quality, business-tested equipment just works better and longer. That’s why at Businets we do extensive Research and Development to make sure that what we recommend is the right choice for you and your business.

From the basic components consisting of routers, firewalls, and switches, to your servers, PCs and other hardware; We will recommend, configure, install, and manage the best equipment for your needs.

We can also assist with the hardware and installation of wireless access points and wireless controllers which enable seamless wireless connectivity throughout your organization.  We then help you choose the best software programs to meet your organization’s current and future needs.

We are partners and resellers with leaders in the software industry.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

The idea behind SaaS is that you don’t purchase servers and application software and run them in-house. Instead, you contract with a company with its own server farm, support staff, and software. Your users then access those applications across the Internet.

To keep your business operations running smooth and without distraction we have partnered with several companies to provide businesses and organizations with spam filtering, mail archiving, data backups, and anti virus protection.

We help select,  install and configure various SAAS programs including, but not limited to Office 365, Barracuda Backup,GFI Archiving, Reflection Anti-Spam, and Viper Anti-Virus. Businets will preserve and migrate your data when transitioning to any of these products.

Hardware and Software