Cabling and Installation

Cabling and Installation

Is your network cabling up to date? Despite advances in technology, many new and old buildings are not wired for your network cable needs.  We can update existing buildings, bringing your network up to today’s network standards.

We will work with you, your architects and engineers during the building design phase to ensure new buildings are properly equipped to handle your current and future IT needs.

Businets has the expertise and the equipment to install twisted pair (Cat6), coax, and fiber cables among others.

Network Cabling

Businets provides a wide variety of data and fiber optic cabling services for our clients. Most commonly, we install turnkey Cat-6 & Cat-6A data networks for customers doing new office buildouts, office renovations, or expansions. In today’s business building trends of open office spaces and exposed industrial ceilings, it is vital that you choose a data-wiring vendor with the experience and knowhow to design and install a complete data network no matter the office design.

Aside from turnkey Cat-6 and Cat-6A networks for new buildouts, Businets offers a wide variety of other data cabling related services for our clients.

Fiber Optic Cabling

For a lot of small and medium sized business ‘inside’ fiber optic cabling may never come into play, but for businesses with office or campus layouts that require distributed network closets, fiber optic cable is virtually a requirement. Businets has over 20 years of experience running, terminating, testing, and installing multi-mode fiber optic cable as well as extensive experience doing the same with single-mode fiber optic cable.


Occasionally, you will be lucky enough to move into a new office space where the previous tenant was gracious enough to leave all of their data cable in place! Unfortunately, many times all of the labels were marked with marker, they have all worn off, and now all you know is that you have cable in place, but you do not know which cables go where and if anything was damaged during your renovations. Call Businets to come in, identify, and label the existing cables. We can even have your old cable certify. A couple cable technicians spending a few hours identifying and certifying cables before you move in could save you an entire weekend trying to fight network issues related to a few bad cables.

Server/Equipment Rack Clean-Up & Organization

Often over the years, server racks get out of hand.  If your server or equipment rack looks like a tangled twisted bowl of spaghetti it has gotten out of control, call Businets Inc. and we will come by after business hours to clean up and organize the rack. Nothing like leaving one evening with an equipment  rack that is unorganized and out of control and returning the following morning to a rack organized, color coordinated and with the right sized patch cords so you can easily manage your company’s IT infrastructure.

Video Security & Access Control Wiring

During construction projects, it is common for customers to pay one vendor to run data cable and another vendor to pull video security and/or access control cable in the same suite. Not only is this inefficient, but if the second vendor decides he has a better path to run the cable than the first vendor whose cable is already in place, now you have cable running two different routes. You will may get some pushback from your security vendor, unless we are your security & access control vendor, but you will save quite a bit of money. If you just ask them for a schematic of what cable types they need and where they are required and let Businets pull your 18/2, 22/6, and various other security cables along with the data cable that we’re already pulling …at the same time …down the same path. In addition, Businets is DOCJS licensed to sell and install Video security systems and electronic access controls. Our engineers, technicians and sales team all have DOCJS registrations.  Having Businets sell, install and configure your security and access control hardware and install the required low voltage cables simplifies management for you, as you will only be dealing with one vendor. Businets would install all of your network, phone, security, access control cables as well as the controllers, cameras, card readers, magnetic bolts, strikes…

Data Cable Removal

Current fire safety standards in almost all locations require that abandoned low voltage cable needs to be removed from above ceiling and below floor office spaces. These standards have been around for a quite some time but are beginning to be enforced more and more as the amount of abandoned low voltage cable above ceilings continues to grow. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant tasked with removing this cable, the last thing you want to is hack out your neighbor’s feed cable (or even worse a carrier feed cable for the building) that happens to be running above your suite. Call in the professionals from Businets to remove and dispose of the cable responsibly and avoid the headaches.

Cabling and Installation