Fredericksburg Data Center Move

Fredericksburg Data Center Move

Fredericksburg Data Center Move

Moving a data center for your business can be a daunting task. There are multiple components of the move to take into consideration. Careful planning of a relocation minimizes the risk of software and hardware failures during transit and failures due to improper re-cabling. 

Paying attention to details such as scheduling with the moving and delivery team, and covering all of the digital and physical safety concerns help to contribute to smoother execution and a successful move.


Time to move the data center

In less than two weeks Businets coordinated a data center move for a local customer that included four server racks, with more than 30 servers and networked devices, 7 Uninterrupted Power Supplies and multiple workstations.  

Old Server Room UPS's


We synchronized the upgrade of power in the new data center as well as the rental of a portable A/C unit to provide cooling until our recommended HVAC vendor can provide a permanent solution.  

empty server rack Moving data center

We also brought in professional movers to safely and securely transport the equipment between the two locations. 

Over a period of three days specifically on a weekend to ensure uninterrupted service, Businets disconnected and un-racked all of the network equipment which was then carefully packed and loaded up for transport. We supervised the transport to the new center where we installed all of the equipment (consolidating the servers from four racks into three racks) and re-configured the customer network. 

Loading Server Racks AC Unit Data Center

The reconfiguration included troubleshooting any and all system issues. After the system issues were resolved, our team tested services and made sure all systems were ready to go. Because of our careful planning and execution, Businets was able to complete the data center move 12 hours ahead of schedule, and without any interruptions to the customer.


The Businets difference

We rely on careful planning and meticulous execution as we plan and implement any migration. This makes for a faster and easier transition and reduces the risk of unanticipated events. We are also able to minimize the time our clients spend post-migration on mistakes or errors. As a result, you’ll be able to focus on and more quickly reap the benefits of your new data center deployment.

Complete data center move

If you need help relocating your data center in the greater Fredericksburg area, contact us for your free site survey. You’ll have peace of mind working with Virginia’s most experienced IT team!