Data Backups – The 3-2-1 Rule

You might be surprised to find out truly how often businesses neglect data backups on their computer systems.

When do computer users wish they had performed regular data backups. When their hard drive fails. Resulting in a computer repair or when their files get corrupted from malware. When we replace a failed hard drive, we almost always have to restore the customer’s data from some form of backup system/device. All too often we discover that the customer does not have a good or complete backup, or has no backup at all.

Over the past 20 years, we have seen backup technologies evolve from floppies, to tape, to disk to offsite or cloud data backups. These technologies have been used by individual users and corporations with multi-server environments. During this time, we have installed literally thousands of backup solutions. Hand in hand with this, we have always tried to stress to our customers that backups are not to be taken for granted as even the most fool proof systems will fail for a variety of reasons. Protecting your data requires daily monitoring. On many occasions (for various reasons such as employee turnover) we have seen our customers neglect to monitor their back ups, taking for granted that their data is being backed up, when it is not.

Barracuda Cloud Data Backups Hardware

A good data backup plan/solution should be part or your companies Network Security and disaster recovery plan. We recommend contacting your current IT provider to make sure your data is protected and recoverable.

If you are wondering about the most common approach, the 3-2-1 rule is now widely hailed as an industry best practice. To implement the 3-2-1 rule, you should

Fave three (3) copies of your data at all times

Keep your data backed up using at least two (2) different types of storage.

And have at least one (1) copy of the data offsite.


Business cloud data backups can give you an edge by providing a separate and off-site target for your company’s important data simultaneously and at a reasonable price. Every data backup strategy is, and should be, unique.



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