Bring it in to us

Bring your ailing piece of equipment (PC or printer) to our facility off Lansdowne Road. We have a fully equipped computer repair facility. Our “depot” rates are cheaper than our on-site rates and we have more in-house resources to help resolve your problem. Furthermore, you are not paying for someone to download drivers or sit while scanning your computers for Viruses. We only charge you for the time spent repairing your system.

In house repairs can be considerably cheaper than paying a technician to come out. This is especially true for spy-ware infections.

Let Us come to you

If the equipment is too big, problem too complicated, cannot be handled in-house, or you just don’t have the time, don’t worry! We will come to you!!

We have two levels of technicians (PC and Network) who can handle any type of problem. Our on-site rates are competitive and we have the knowledge to get the job done correctly, quickly, and professionally.


If you have a compatible firewall (or use our software based, secure access solution), we can remote to your server and even your PC and help you fix the problem without having to come to your business.

Emergency Rates: We can pull someone off of a non-critical job to service your emergency, but it involves a premium rate as we have to compensate another customer.